Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Cookies 🍪💞

Airisa, Airinn and Adriq wanted to bake cookies so thats what we did! 🍪


then, all you have to is mix it all together.

tada! your batter is ready. next, shape them according to your own creativity! 😋


lastly, bake for around 20-25 minutes in a 180 degrees celsius oven. how long you bake them will determine if your cookie has a soft filing or if its crunchy. its all up to you.

we had lots of fun and this recipe doesnt take up a lot of time, try it out for yourself. i'll leave the recipe here for reference (i halved all the measurements because i didnt want to make too many hahaha)


Saturday, 18 March 2017

Cupcakes 😋

tonight me and engku made cupcakes. but, honestly, she did 90% of the work hahah. i just mixed the batter. these are for our friend's birthday which is tomorrow! we hope he'll like them 😋     
good news, they taste wonderful! 💖 all credits to engku of course haha.

xx, amanda

out with engku ☺️

today i went out with engku, she is staying at my house for four days. we had lots of fun!  

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

9 Things You Need To Know About IGCSE

Here's an article I read, I decided to share it here in the hopes that it might be of help; 😊

"Top 9 Things You Must Know About IGCSE

Here are the Top 9 things that you should know about IGCSE in Malaysia.

#1 Offered by Cambridge Examination Board
Cambridge Examination Board is well-known for offering examinations and qualifications worldwide. 
IGCSE was developed by Cambridge Examination Board in 1985. IGCSE is also equivalent of the British O-Levels. 
All the exam papers are set and marked by the Cambridge Examination Board in the UK as well. 

#2. A 5-year program in Malaysia
In Malaysia, the IGCSE is a 5-year program starting with Year 7 (equivalent of Form 1 in the local program) and
 ending with the Year 11 (equivalent of Form 5). 

Stronger students can actually save 1 year and complete high school at the age of 16 or younger. 

#3. British curriculum
The program differentiates from the local program by following the British curriculum. Therefore, the
 medium of instruction of the program is English since it.

#4. Exam base + Assessment
As compared to solely exam-based focus from the local program, the IGCSE also focus on development and
 abilities of the students. Therefore, In addition to examination-based qualifications offered by the IGCSE,
 the program also uses a wide range of assessment processes and techniques. These assessment include orals,
 practical, projects and coursework. The assessments will effectively encourages student participation in lessons.
 Thus, the program will help to develop students’ creative thinking and problem solving skills.

#5. Provide solid foundation for students at the College and/or University
During the 5-year program, it helps the student to adapt better in the English-medium courses in college and/or
 university as English is the medium of instruction of the IGCSE program.  

The curriculum in the IGCSE develops competitive students in the later studies as well as at the work place.
 Through the project work in the curriculum, it helps the students to adapt better to the the curriculum in
 the college and/or university. The exposure of project work in the IGCSE builds up the research skill of the
 students, which makes the student more capable of working on their own when they are required to work 
on research assignment in the college and/or university. It also helps to sharpen presentation skills of the
 students. This makes the IGCSE students to be more outstanding as compared to others because they are 
able to speak with confidence, clarity and conviction. 

Encouraging student participation trains the students to be exhibit enthusiasm for learning.  This would 
further assist the students to learn new things, as well as grow professionally and personally. 

Students who did IGCSE is more ready for A-Levels and IB. 

#6. International Recognition 
The IGCSE allows admission to the UK, US and also Canadian colleges and universities. This program thus creates
 a pathway for the local students from Malaysia to study abroad. Many of the leading companies worldwide also
 accept and recognise this program. 

#7.  Two Examination Sessions in a Year
Unlike the Malaysian Certificate of Education (or Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, aka SPM) which offers examinations
 once a year, the IGCSE offers examinations twice a year, in June and November. The IGCSE is also more
 efficient in terms of issuing results. IGCSE results are issued in August and January each year. Therefore,
 the IGCSE graduates can quickly apply for scholarship or be admitted into college and/or university
 earlier as compared to the SPM graduates. 

#8. Easy to Find Resources
IGCSE is available in many countries and many students worldwide have gone through the program.
 Therefore its very easy to find books in local bookstores and 10 years series past year questions can be
 found in local print shop which can deliver to your house.

#9. Easier than SPM
We have been coaching many students from international schools who did IGCSE and students in local

 public schools who have to go through SPM, its very obvious that IGCSE is easier for students to handle
 and more relevant industry.

The 3 sciences which includes Physics Chemistry and Biology syllabus is less in depth but broad base and

 relevant to university and colleges next time. Students find it easier to grasp and less tedious. History,
 Geography and Economics are in English and the syllabus and exams are related to the world history,
 world geographical factors and effects and international economics case studies making the lessons
 more interesting and prepare students for a more global thinking. "

Side Thoughts; 
I cannot express how much I want to leave school. I feel like I have worked way too hard to just let
 my parents' money go to waste. My family isn't exactly involved in a critical financial crisis but I 
definitely wasn't born with a golden spoon in my mouth either, I owuld do anything it takes to be able 
to finish school at 16. I just don't want to feel like I've used up more than RM2000 of my parents'
 money to take an exam then do absolutely NOTHING with the results because I would hate myself for it.
 I am so determined to show them that I haven't taken IGCSE for nothing, I will definitely make them
 proud. And thats a promise.

💋, m

Friday, 25 November 2016


"you always wanted
your bones to show
and i never quite
understood why

when a hug will
snap you in half
and the light spring
breeze we had once
adored all but
blows you away

people will not
love you more
when there is
less of you
to love"


💋, Amanda

Drama Review: Scarlet Heart

I just finished this korean drama called Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo and let me just say that the plot is complete genius! 🌟 I spent hours crying because the storyline is absolutely heartbreaking, but, it wasn't depressing all the way through. The good parts of the story were undeniably fantastic. This drama is the at the pinnacle of creativity but I have to say, it isn't the best (in my opinion, anyways), the deal-breaker for me was definitely the ending. It was such a cliff-hanger and not in the good sense. Also, approximately 12 of the main actors died, which really bummed me out. 😭

To wrap things up, it's a really good drama and i'd definitely recommend it. Even if the ending will break your heart, finishing the drama is definitely worth it. 

💋, Amanda


Assalamualaikum, hello! 🌼 It has been exactly 🔟 days since the holidays started and my break has been pretty empty so far. Tonight I might be returning to my hometown, Kelantan, because my grandfather isn't in the best shape. 

I have been spending most of my time catching up with my favourite television series, Criminal Minds. It doesn't seem like a very entertaining past time activity but it's actually very satisfying to be able to do almost nothing but relax.

Also, I've been spending lots of time with my baby sister, Airinn. My mother is pregnant and is due next March, the doctor says it'll most likely be a girl. I'm very grateful and pleased that I'll soon have three little sisters and three little brothers! 😊💖